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Muzejske knjižnice


Foto: Zmago Rus


Foto: Zmago Rus


Foto: Zmago Rus


Foto: Zmago Rus


Foto: Zmago Rus



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Libraries / Candida Höfer ; introduction by Umberto Eco ; [translated from the Italian Alastair McEwen]

London: Thames & Hudson, 2014

271 str. : ilustr. ; 31 cm

ISBN 978-0-500-54314-6 (trda vezava)

Opombe: "Nobody photographs the splendid and intimate cathedrals of knowledge as beautifully as Candida Hofer. This superbly produced volume contains Hofer's famously ascetic images of the Escorial in Spain, the Whitney Museum and the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, Villa Medici in Rome and the Hamburg University Library, among others. Umberto Eco contributes an essay on libraries." --> na zavihku ov.

Bibliografija: str. 271

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UDK 77-051(430):929Höfer C.

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Muistin paikat: suomen museot ja kirjastot: [Venetsian arkkitehtuuribiennaalissa 14.9.-23.11.2008] = Store and share: museums and libraries in Finland: [Venice Biennale of Architecture 14 September-23 November, 2008] / [toimittaja, editor Maija Kasvio ; kirjoittajat, writers Riita Nikula ... [et al.]

Helsinki : [s. n.], 2008

71 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm

ISBN 978-952-5195-31-6

Nekontrolirane predmetne oznake: finska arhitektura / muzejska arhitektura / muzejske knjižnice /

UDK 72(480)














Library design / [editors and texts Karen M Smith, John A Flannery]

Kempen: teNeues Verlag, 2007

134 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm

ISBN 978-3-8327-9204-6


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UDK 02:727

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Slovenske muzejske in galerijske knjižnice / [urednik Martin Šteiner ; slikovno gradivo muzejske knjižnice]

Ljubljana: Skupnost muzejev Slovenije, 2016 ([Ptuj] : A. Kelnerič)

95 str. : ilustr. ; 30 cm

ISBN 978-961-93907-5-7

Bibliografija pri nekaterih prispevkih

UDK 026:069(497.4)

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Art information: research methods and resources / Lois Swan Jones ; foreword by Caroline H. Backlund

Dubuque (IA) : Kendall / Hunt, cop. 1990

XXIV, 373 str. ; 28 cm

ISBN 0-8403-5713-3

Nekontrolirane predmetne oznake: muzejske knjižnice / informacijske storitve / informacijski iskalni sistemi / iskalna orodja / katalogizacija / raziskovalno delo / muzejske publikacije / razstavni katalogi / bibliografije / leksikoni / slovarji / terminološki slovarji / referenčni viri / muzejska dokumentacija

UDK 026














Please come to the show: [The Museum of Modern Art Library, New York, 8 May-23 September 2013, Exhibition Research Centre, Liverpool, 13 February-11 April 2014] / edited by David Senior ; [with essays by Gustavo Grandal Montero, Will Holder, Antony Hudek, Angie Keefer, Clive Phillpot, David Senior, and Suzanne Stanton]

London: Occasional Papers, cop. 2014

160 str. : ilustr. ; 25 cm

ISBN 978-09569623-7-9 !

"David Senior, bibliographer at the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York, selects a wide range of exhibition-related ephemera--invitations, flyers and posters from the 1960s to the present--and presents them here as an historically overlooked but integral aspect of exhibitions. Often the first point of contact between audience and artist, exhibition ephemera is an essential lexicon for graphic designers, curators, art historians and anyone interested in the event-based nature of showing art." --> na ov.

Bibliografija z opombami na koncu posameznih prispevkov

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The twenty-first century art librarian / Terrie L. Wilson, editor

New York: Haworth Information Press, cop. 2003

XIV, 110 str. : ilustr. ; 23 cm

Zbirka: Journal of library administration ; ǂVol. ǂ39 (2003) no. 1

Vsebina: Staffing standards and core competencies in academic art and architecture departmental libraries : a preliminary study / Sarah E. McCleskey ; Managing the small art museum library / Joan M. Benedetti ; Integrating the digitization of visual resources into library operations / Paula Hardin ; Management, public service, and access issues : serving special collections in an architecture branch library / Janine Jacqueline Henri ; Patrons, processes, and the profession : comparing the academic art library and the art museum library / Kim Collins ; Survey of current practices in art and architecture libraries / Susan Craig

ISBN 0-7890-2108-0


Opombe z bibliografijo pri posameznih člankih

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Art museum libraries and librarianship / edited by Joan M. Benedetti ; foreword by Michael Brand ; introduction by Ann B. Abid

Lanham ; Toronto ; Plymouth: Scarecrow Press, 2007

XIX, 312 str. : ilustr. ; 28 cm

Zbirka: Occasional papers of the Art Libraries Society of North America ; ǂno. ǂ16

Vsebina: Outside in: leading and managing the art museum library ; Reader services, reference, and the art museum library's clientele ; Automating the art museum library in the twenty-first century ; A delicate balance : access and security in the art museum library ; Cataloging and technical services in the art museum library ; Space planning in the art museum library ; Collection development and the acquisition process : the art museum librarian as curator ; Curating images : visual resources in the art museum library ; The invisible made visible : collecting ephemera in the art museum library ; Special collections in the art museum library ; Institutional archives : the art museum's memory ; Fundamentals of fund-raising for the art museum library ; Marketing, public relations, and advocacy in the art museum library ; Working with volunteers and interns in the art museum library ; Professional development : investing in art museum librarianship ; Solo librarianship in the art museum library

ISBN 978-0-8108-5921-0

Bibliografija: str. 281-289

Nekontrolirane predmetne oznake: muzejske knjižnice / informacijske storitve / upravljanje knjižnic / študije primerov / oprema knjižnic / knjižnične zbirke / varovanje gradiva / katalogizacija / načrtovanje knjižnic / arhivi / znanstvenoraziskovalno delo v muzejih / avtorske pravice / direktoriji / pravilniki / referenčna literatura

COBISS.SI-ID 6666080













Museum librarianship / Esther Green Bierbaum

Jefferson (N.C.) ; London : McFarland, cop. 2000

X, 189 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm

ISBN 0-7864-0867-7 (broš. : alk. papir)

Bibliografija: str. 159-162

Nekontrolirane predmetne oznake: muzejske knjižnice / upravljanje knjižnic / knjižnične zbirke / oprema knjižnic / informacijske storitve / referenčna literatura

UDK 069















Multilingual glossary for art librarians: English with indexes in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish / edited by the IFLA Section of Art Libraries

Izdaja: 2nd rev. and enl. ed.

München: K.G. Saur, 1996  181 str. ; 21 cm

Zbirka: IFLA Publications, ISSN 0344-6891 ; 75

ISBN 3-598-21802-8

Nekontrolirane predmetne oznake: terminološki slovarji / specialne knjižnice / umetnostne knjižnice / muzejske knjižnice

UDK 81'374:74/77(038)

Glej zbirko IFLA publications ISSN 0344-6891

COBISS.SI-ID 39307009














International directory of art libraries = Répertoire international de bibliothèques d'art = Internationales Adressbuch der Kunstbibliotheken / compiled and edited by Thomas E. Hill

Internationales Adressbuch der Kunstbibliotheken

München: K. G. Saur, 1997

XIII, 251 str. ; 22 cm

Zbirka: IFLA publications ; 82, ISSN 0344-6891

ISBN 3-598-21807-9

"The editor, Thomas Hill, engaged the support of 53 regional co-ordinators covering most of the world. This dedicated team provided the editor with a complete update of facts and he was able to produce camera-ready copy for K. G. Saur to publish the Directory in time for the Copenhagen conference. ARLIS/NA deserves our gratitude for undertaking the development of the Directory in electronic form, and especially Thomas Hill, staunchly supported by Vassar College, for single-handedly pursuing the objective. This groundbreaking project was developed in the early days of the internet. The vast growth of institutional websites, together with the emergence of search engines, has overtaken events since then." --> s spletne str.

Nekontrolirane predmetne oznake: umetnostne knjižnice / muzejske knjižnice / specialne knjižnice / muzeji / informacijski centri / adresarji

UDK 7:026(058)(100)

Glej zbirko IFLA publications ISSN 0344-6891

COBISS.SI-ID 41870593














Fantasies of the library / edited by Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin

Izdaja: Revised and 2nd ed.

Cambridge (Mass.): The MIT Press, 2016

VII, 147 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

ISBN 978-0-262-03520-0 (trda vezava)

"Fantasies of the Library lets readers experience the library anew. The book imagines, and enacts, the library as both keeper of books and curator of ideas--as a platform of the future. One essay occupies the right-hand page of a two-page spread while interviews scrolls independently on the left. Bibliophilic artworks intersect both throughout the book-as-exhibition. A photo essay, "Reading Rooms Reading Machines" further interrupts the book in order to display images of libraries (old and new, real and imagined), and readers (human and machine) and features work by artists including Kader Atta, Wafaa Bilal, Mark Dion, Rodney Graham, Katie Paterson, Veronika Spierenburg, and others. The book includes an essay on the institutional ordering principles of book collections; a conversation with the proprietors of the Prelinger Library in San Francisco; reflections on the role of cultural memory and the archive; and a dialogue with a new media theorist about experiments at the intersection of curatorial practice and open source ebooks. The reader emerges from this book-as-exhibition with the growing conviction that the library is not only a curatorial space but a bibliological imaginary, ripe for the exploration of consequential paginated affairs." --> s spletne str. založnika

Bibliografija z opombami na dnu str.

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