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At the occasion of the opening of extensive posthumous exhibition of Božidar Dolenc (23 February – 6 June 2021) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova we highlight catalogs related to photography.


Also featuring a new catalog Autography, Uncanniness, Rebellion: the Photography of Božidar Dolenc. Božidar Dolenc is one of the most prominent and most renowned artists in the field of photography from the second half of the twentieth century in Slovenia. The exhibition and catalog present the work of an artist who, with his non-conformist spirit, created photographic poetics recognizable by almost painful relentlessness and semantic bitterness, distinguished by the special visual aesthetics of alternative culture events.

Price: 22,00€



Med drugimi tudi:

● Stojan Kerbler, Retrospektiva, Price: 28,00€

● Božidar Jakac in fotografija, Price: 30,00€

● Tomaž Gregorič, Fotografije 1995 - 2000, Price: 12,00€

● Gojmir Anton Kos, Slikar v dialogu s fotografijo, Price: 20,00€

● Lojze Spacal, Slikarjevo oko in fotoaparat, Price: 20,00€

● Slavko Smolej, (1909 – 1961), Price: 10,00€

● Franc Ferjan, (1885 – 1964), Fotograf zasebne in socialne resničnosti, Price: 7,50€



Politics of Feelings/Economies of Love was edited by a collective cultural initiative of cultural workers, artists and curators named k.r.u.ž.o.k. It brings a set of deliberations about the possibility of a relationship between ideology and social emotions, sexuality and nationalism, between love and emotional community in the nationalist and/or capitalist fundamentalism.

Price: 15,00