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Fill Two Needs with One Deed / Attendants of Solidarity

Moderna galerija is setting up a network of solidarity called “Fill Two Needs with One Deed”, aimed at two groups: artists and others in the field of culture who are ill or in the high-risk group and need help as they find themselves isolated in their homes, and the students and others who work as museum attendants and have remained without income virtually overnight as the museums closed. Our museum attendants are thus transforming from guardians of artworks into guardians of vulnerable individuals in the field of art and culture.


Taking all the necessary protective measures, they will help elderly and ill or ailing artists, MG employees, retirees or external collaborators, by shopping for and delivering food and medicines and running other urgent errands.


We are also developing a one-on-one program, which will involve help in the form of video calls for company.


If you feel you belong in the above group and live in Ljubljana, please contact us at: or call 068 149 441 every day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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