Draught is a series of solo exhibitions on the ground floor of Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, +MSUM presenting fresh new ideas in the field of contemporary art.


In 2019, Draught series features artists that also work for Moderna galerija as museum attendants, or work in its bookstore, or help out with the technical aspects of exhibitions. Like most Slovene artists, they cannot make a living from their art, since our art market is relatively undeveloped, our institutions do not purchase enough works, and jobs for artists are scarce. Thus some artists work as museum attendants at MG+MSUM, looking after the exhibited works and the visitors. We can easily imagine that they are not “ordinary” attendants and that artists-attendants take care of art differently since they know only too well what they are taking care of. Some of them have been with us for a long time, and contribute substantially with their presence to the atmosphere at an exhibition and to the viewing experience for the visitors. There are many outstanding artists among them, and this year we have decided to invite them to work with us in a different capacity, with a show of their work. The basic premise of the Attendants in the Draught series is to call attention to the excellent work of young artists, as well as to the precarious working/economic status of the majority of artists in Slovenia.



For their participation in the Draught, these attendants will for once be paid for what they do professionally, which will also serve to point up their dual role at the MG+MSUM. Attendants in the Draught broaches a series of overlapping issues related to the artists’ conditions of work today. The artists in the Draught are not only creative, but they are also extremely hardworking, flexible – we could say they are ideal laborers in the present-day capitalist system, with the important distinction from those who transform their work into fetishistic commodities, thus serving a cynical instrumentalization of creativity. In their dual role at their workplace, our artists do not aestheticize our everyday, nor do they present anything but their inevitably split position.