COMMENTARY #11 | Izar Lunaček: Rent-a-Sin, or, You Can Take Everything Back
From Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Izar Lunaček

Rent-a-Sin, or, You Can Take Everything Back

“What’s the time limit for returning it if we’re not happy with the purchase?”

acrylic on wall



For the next couple of months, MSUM’s vestibule will flash its visitors with this doodle of the first two humans facing a classic dilemma. It was drawn by Izar and he’d like to use it to prod into a problem of our lovely era, when all our decisions are both boomingly fateful, forever carved into our browsing histories, and fleeting, exchangeable after a mere month if we grow tired of them or the style stops suiting. Some things are simply decisive: they should be faced head on and their weight supported by ours. Grow up! Grow a pair! Grow!



Izar Lunaček is a cartoonist with a PhD in philosophy and a nice pile of books, talks and expos under his belt. He likes to draw thinking animals and reflect on love and society.

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