2005-2015 | Via Negativa: No one should have seen this
10 Years of Via Negativa, 2013

Via Negativa: No one should have seen this / xx

10 Years of Via Negativa, 2013


A retrospective video installation at the Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, an “explosion of memories” of Via Negativa’s excessive and transgressive acts between 2002 and


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Via Negativa (VN) is a platform for research, development and production of contemporary performing arts. VN is focused in devising different performing strategies, with an emphasis on ethics and liveness of performance practices, procedures and genres, and insist on the performing with the standpoint that consciously radicalizes and relativises its own position with self-irony and humor. The VN creative field is reduced to basic performing elements (via negativa) and focused on the relationship between performer and spectator and on the question of the real in this relationship. VN performing strategies are very diverse: devised theater pieces, lecture-performances, dance pieces, video works, radical body practices, gallery projects … Until now VN has produced 59 projects and presented in 25 European countries and the USA.


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