2005-2015 | Marika & Marko Pogačnik: Portal to Gaia's Primordial Worlds
Installation, stone and textile, 2015

Portal to Gaia's Primordial Worlds

Installation, stone and linen, 2015 



To be able to experience the »sacred passage«, walk through the portal in following rhythm:

Three steps forward, two backwards – three steps forward, two backwards.

Then listen to your feelings.



The installation was inspired by the name of the village Šempas, where Marika and Marko Pogačnik together with the other collaborators of the OHO Group have founded the agricultural and artistic community called »Šempas Family« (1971-1979). The first mentioning of the village in Latin language from the 13th century calls Šempas »Santo Passo« which means »Sacred Passage«.


Installation is created in such a way that the visitor can pass through the portal of the Sacred passage. Nowadays the idea of Sacred passage can be understood as an interdimensional portal leading from the dimension of our actual existence into some of the parallel realities. Two cosmograms carved in stone make the passage from the three-dimensional into the realms of the pluridimensional space possible.



Marko Pogačnik (1944)

He works between 1965 and 1971 as a member of the art movement and group OHO, from 1971-79 in the agriculrural and artistic community at Šempas. From then on he works in the field of integral ecology and geoculture. He developed lithopuncture as a form of acupuncture dealing with landscapes and urban environments with the help of signs called cosmograms. Some of his books are: Elemental Beings and Nature Spirits, Quantum Leap of the Earth, Sacred Geography. He is president of the Society for Coexistence of Human Beings, Nature and Space VITAAA from Ljubljana.


Marika Pogačnik (1947)

She creates by transforming natural materiaks like wood, stone or wool into artistic objects. Folowing her inner presence she knows how to transmute material into living organisms. Since 1965 she collaborates with her husband Marko Pogačnik.


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