2005-2015 | Nika Autor: Impressions: Landscapes: Paradise of Slovenia | Postcards
Mixed media, each 110 x 90 cm, 2011 – ongoing | Video, 9 min, OF/ Newsreel Front, 2010

Nika Autor: Impressions: Landscapes: Paradise of Slovenia

Mixed media, each 110 x 90 cm, 2011 – ongoing

Production: OF, KINO!, IRZU

Based on images from the video archive of Radio-Television Slovenia, these photographs depict Slovenian landscapes recorded with thermal cameras. Thermal differentiation within the visual world offers a basis for creating a new image of the living. These are presented as forbidden, as unwelcome intrusions into the ideal lifelessness of the landscape; as violence inscribed in the visible world. There is a disturbance in the images that needs to be eliminated. The outlines of human figures are a blemish on the »Slovenian« landscape.



Nika Autor: Postcards

Video, 9 min, 2010 

Production: OF/ Newsreel Front

Postcards is the first part of the film diptych „Postcards and Report on the situation of asylum seekers in Republic of Slovenia, January 2008 – August 2009“. The footage comes from the archive of Radio-Television Slovenia. It represents an archival collection documenting media reporting on migrants in the period 2001-2008. I was interested in analysing the representation of migrants in public. I wanted to show how images in themselves, through the way they are produced (montaged), effect the criminalization and victimization of the represented group.



Nika Autor works in the field of contemporary art. She finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. The focus of her work is a research of the invisibilities/ inaudibilities, along that the question of the production of dominant representations, which are emerging on today's social, political and economical grounds. She is part if the collective Newsreel Front ( Obzorniška Fronta / OF ).


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