2005-2015 | Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič: Transmittance / Skin-deep Screens
Video documentation of on-line performance, 2011-2013 / Video, 57:35 min, 2011

Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič: Transmittance

video documentation of on-line performance, 2011-2013



Transmittance explores collaboration which is local, global, networked and broadcasted. It involves an artistic group of performers, visual artists, musicians and computer programmers to research performative possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new types of performance and audience. With focus on critical and socially-aware artistic languages this work is based on asking questions about body, self and society - opening non-dualistic perspectives.

The project tries to rethink the notions of spectatorship and spectacle, ways of watching and seeing and the audience as spectators from the outside. In framework of free telepresence technologies it is a quest to open new spaces of visibility for performance and new media art and while critically deconstruct also actively bypass power structures that have a hold on physical spaces of artistic representation. Emphasis is made on creative use of free and open source software and its impact on artistic process and collaboration.

The project develops a specific method of improvised performance which allows compositional freedom beside specific prepared scenes at the same time and in the process collide different specifics of various artistic media (performance art, expanded cinema, sound art, new media realities). 



Production: Emanat

Co-production: Polis Jadran Europa Pula, YANVII, Rad'Art Project/Artéco, Teatro Petrella, ESC Gallery Graz, KC Tobačna 001 (MGML), Galerija Kapelica (Zavod K6/4)

Muzej sodobne umetnosti Metelkova (MSUM)


Concept: Maja Delak, Luka Prinčič

Performers: Loup Abramovici, Marko Bolković, Maja Delak, Claudia Fancello, Matija Ferlin, Janez Janša, Luka Prinčič,  Ingrid Berger Mhyre, Nataša Živkovič

Music and sound: Marko Bolković, Maja Delak, Luka Prinčič, Jelena Ždrale

Moderators: Rea Korani, Maja Šorli, Igor Štromajer

Texts and theoretic interventions: Adele Cacciagrano, Tihana Maravic, Silvia Mei

Programming: Jakob Leben, Luka Prinčič

Video: Messmatik, Maja Smrekar, Ana Pečar, Luka Prinčič

Video streaming: Boštjan Božič, Mauricio Ferlin, Samuel Volsten

Light design: Marko Bolković, Urška Vohar, Fabrizio Zanuccoli, Jakob Leben

Photo: Nada Žgank



Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič: Skin-deep Screens

Appearance of the bodies in the fold, peeling off into depth

Video, 57:35 min, 2011



The video shows a simultaneous zoom-in of two cameras on an improvisation performance by four artists, each of them exploring the notion of shame using at least two of the following media: movement, sound, video, lights, text.


The two zoomed-in projections include the occasional passing through of performers as well as surrounding sounds. The real-time manipulation of the video involved multiple cameras, creating a multilayered and non-univocal perception of space.


The video plays with the notions of 'out-of-frame' and 'residual'. It shows only part of the actual performance, so an alternative view of the performance is revealed through the perception of cameras, video manipulations, out-of-frame sounds and projections.



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