PERFORMANCE | Kikimore: 15 11 Vaiki
Thursday, 15 November 2018, at 8 p.m., +MSUM

Photo: Mario Zupanov, 2016


Kikimore, 15 11 Vaiki *

Sound performance, 25', 2018


15 November 2018, 7:30 p.m., +MSUM

The performance is a part of the opening program of  Sites of Sustainability. Pavilions, Manifestos, and Crypts exhibition.


The Kikimore's fundamental principle is improvisation within a basic structure, which allows the skill and personal expression of each member to develop. The composition is a search for patterns, for combinations of sounds, rhythms and dynamic manipulations using of mostly DIY instruments. The collective of six members works in modular units of two to six, allowing for flexibility and variety in the way musical structures work. Their live acts are often perceived as strange and unique meditations that resonate with interesting sounds and create ritual atmospheres.


Kikimore** started creating noise in January 2016 at a Noise Tea Party at Rampa Lab in Ljubljana, Slovenia, organised by ČIPke – Initiative for Women with a Sense for Technology, Science and Art.


Kikimore members: Kati Flowerfields, Staša Guček, Sara Mlakar, Nina Orlić, Sara Pegam and Barbara Poček.


* The titles of the performances and rehearsal recordings are composed of the date of the event and the male name in the Estonian Name Day Calendar on that day.

** Kikimora (Russian: кикимора, IPA: [kj ikj im e r e ]) is a mythological female house spirit in eastern Slavic mythology, known for making noises and weird sounds in the night. A Kikimora can seduce you, intrigue you, frighten you or inspire your imagination.


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