2005-2015 | Miha Ciglar: Virtual Sources | PERFORMANCE
21 January 2016 at 6 p.m.

Miha Ciglar: Virtual Sources

Performance, 2014


Production: IRZU – Inštitut za Raziskovanje Zvočnih Umetnosti

Ultrasonic avdio tehnologije d.o.o.

Photo: Ajda Schmidt


The performance'Virtual Sources' by artist Miha Ciglar will take place on Thursday, 21 January 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3.


Virtual Sources deals with the use of directional sound in live performances. Special speakers radiate a beam of sound in one direction only. The speakers are not pointed directly towards the audience, but away from it, so that the sound is heard only through reflections from walls and the ceiling.

When the sound is projected through moving directional speakers, a very unusual acoustic effect is created. Reflections of moving acoustic soundbeams, seem as virtual sources of sound moving all over the walls and ceiling. Directional sound, within the context of electro-acoustic composition, enables the exploration of new spatial-acoustic dimensions and the creation of dynamic and virtual fields of sound.

The co-producers of the project are the Institute for Sonic Arts Research (IRZU) and the start-up company Ultrasonic audio technologies, which has been developing the technology of hyper-directional sound since 2011.



Miha Ciglar (1980) is a composer and researcher in the field of audio technologies. In 2008, Ciglar founded the Institute for Sonic Arts Research - IRZU. He is the initiator and curator of the international sonic arts festival EarZoom, which takes place annually, since 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2011 he founded Ultrasonic audio technologies – a start-up company, developing a wide range of products including new musical interface controllers based on contact-free tactile feedback and computer vision, directional speakers based on modulated ultrasound, as well as several mobile applications combining music making and gaming. Ciglar was the conference chair of the 2012 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), which was held in September 2012 at IRZU in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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