BORIS BUDEN | The West: A Failed Translation
16 September 2015 | 18:00

Lecture, Wednesday, 16 September 2015 at 6 p.m.

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, +MSUM, Seminar Room


The so-called post-history has never been understood as a time of total idleness and immobility in which all the movements have come to a standstill. It also implied a one-way historical move of the so-called western values to the non-western world. The war in Ukraine and today’s refugee crisis are only the last proofs that the post-historical translation of the West into “the rest” has finally failed. What went wrong?


The lecture was transmitted LIVE on VIDEO STREAM. An audio recording of the lecture in English language:



Boris Buden is a writer and cultural critic based in Berlin. He received his PhD in cultural theory from Humboldt University in Berlin. In the 1990s he was editor of the magazine Arkzin in Zagreb. His essays and articles cover the topics of philosophy, politics, cultural and art criticism. He has participated in various conferences and art projects in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and USA, including Documenta XI. Buden is the author of Barikade Zagreb (1996/1997), Kaptolski Kolodvor, Belgrade (2001), Der Schacht von Babel, Berlin (2004), Zone des Übergangs, Frankfurt/Main (2009), Findet Europa, Wien (2015), etc.



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