Moderna galerija’s (MG) photographic collection was started in 1991, at the same time as MG’s Photography Department. Prior to that, relevant material was acquired through donations or bequests by painters who were also amateur photographers (such as Rihard Jakopič, Matej Sternen, and Gojmir Anton Kos), and was kept among materials in hemeroteque or in MG’s Photo Archive.


With the founding of the photographic collection, MG began systematically collecting, keeping and researching works by Slovene photographers of the 20th and now 21st centuries. Through purchases and donations, we have so far acquired approximately 4,000 prints by 150 photographers, and several thousand negatives. The contents of the collection are closely linked to the research of the Photography Department, as can be seen in the catalogues of the exhibitions staged by the Department, while the rhythm and the extent of new acquisitions, which increasingly include works by contemporary photographers, are conditioned by the resources the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia earmarks for such purchases.


The collection is notable for including extensive and representative bodies of work by Leon Dolinšek, Tomaž Gregorič, Franc Ferjan, Stojan Kerbler, Fran Krašovec, Janez Marenčič, Slavko Smolej and Lojze Spacal, whose exhibitions have been staged, and for numerous works by other outstanding representatives of 20th century photography in Slovenia: Božidar Dolenc, Ivan Dvoršak, Stane Jagodič, Zmago Jeraj, Peter Kocjančič, Jože Kološa - Kološ, Milan Pajk, Tone Stojko. Other important artists of middle and especially younger generations are represented with individual works or series, among them Dragan Arrigler, Goran Bertok, Boris Gaberščik, Lado Jakša, Tanja Lažetić, Borut Peterlin, Tihomir Pinter, Tone Rački, Bojan Radovič, Klavdij Sluban, Aleksandra Vajd and others who have contributed to the treasury of photography in Slovenia.


Most of the holdings of the photographic collection have been digitized, while the prints and the negatives are kept in accordance with current museum standards.


Matej Sternen, Sitting Female Act, 1905-14

Veno Pilon, Flee Market in Paris, approx. 1930

Gojmir Anton Kos, From a Trip Litija, Primskovo, Šent Lovrenc I, 1934

Slavko Smolej, Blast Furnace Worker in Livna grapa, 1935

Franc Ferjan, Wife Next to a Window, 1935

Fran Krašovec, Fruit Market, 1940

Lojze Spacal, Rihemberg: They Came Back from German Concentration Camp. Slovensko Primorje Album, approx. 1945

Mario Magajna, Chestnuts Seller, 1949

Janez Marenčič, Ornament, 1956

Peter Kocjančič, Fishing Nets, 1958

Tihomir Pinter, Detail I, 1964

Leon Dolinšek, Prehrana [Nutrition], 1966

Ivan Dvoršak, Collectors, approx. 1966

Stojan Kerbler, A Girl from Haloze, 1972

Zmago Jeraj, Untitled, 1973

Milan Pajk, Triptych I, 1974

Tone Rački, (untitled), 1976

Lado Jakša, From The Dolls Cycle, 1980

Alenka Vidrgar, Action (Act) 8, approx. 1980

Bojan Radovič, Bitterns Boom 3, 1982

Vlado Stjepić, Srg I, 1983

Tone Stojko, Empty Rooms, Hotel Union, 1985

Božidar Dolenc, From The People Became Images Cycle, 1988

Janez Bogataj, Untitled, 1990

Herman Pivk, Couple, from the Through a Mirror series, 1992

Boris Gaberščik, My Space, 1997

Klavdij Sluban, Ukraine. From the Around the Black Sea Cycle - Winter Trips, 1998

Aleksandra Vajd, From The Breadcrumbs on the Sheet Cycle, 1998-1999

Tomaž Gregorič, Periphery, 1999

Goran Bertok, »S«, 1999

Borut Peterlin, Flower-Power: Rosae, Tulipae, Gypsophila, Chrisantheum santi, Syringa vulgaris on the Commemoration of the Women's Day at Franc Rozman Stane Army Barracks, Ljubljana, 6 March 2009, 2009

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